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Aric Dass

Executive Physiologist

Aric Dass obtained a Bachelor of Science from Alderson Broaddus in 2021. He studied Exercise Science, while mainly focusing on enhancing performance and preventing injuries in athletes. He has gone on to work in many different healthcare roles, mainly as a Physical Therapy Technician.


 He has an interest in working with athletes but has found a lot of interest in working with the geriatric population. He has experience with post-stroke, neurological disorders, and post-surgical exercise/physical therapy treatments. 


In his free time, he loves sports, mainly football. He played high school football in Stafford, VA at Mountain View. He went on to play collegiate football at Alderson Broaddus, then venturing out to Utah to play in a developmental football league. He also loves to workout, spend time with family and friends, and also loves dogs

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