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RST Technician

Position Overview – The RST Tech is a technician that works directly one-on-one daily with patients. This person’s main duty is to setup treatment of the Resonant Sound Technology (RST) on each patient as directed by the clinics medical team. The clinical team will examine and diagnose and make the proper treatment recommendations for each patient. The RST technician’s duty is to follow these orders 100% and to bring any questions to them directly.

Essential Job Functions –
o Learn about RST technology and how it works
o Setup patients under Physician supervision on RST devices
o Keep records in each patient’s paper chart of the treatment performed at the time of treatment
o Bring any administration issues to the office managers attention
o Bring any clinical issues or questions to a Medical Physician’s attention immediately
o Cleanliness of the RST units and all associated equipment between each patient visit
o Cleanliness of all treatment rooms between patient visits

Please contact us with any questions.

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