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Stephen M. Erle, DC

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Stephen M. Erle is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Physio-Therapist. Dr. Erle is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Olympic Lifting Sports Performance Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer. As a clinician and professional coach he has had the privilege of working with athletes of all levels. While living in NYC he worked with multiple Broadway shows treating performers. In his 25 years of training and coaching, he has trained and treated Professional football players, collegiate athletes, SEAL Team, and Army SF personnel. He trained the Stanford University basketball team in tactical athletics using SEAL Team (BUD/s) training techniques.

Dr. Erle worked in private practice for 20 years providing Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Physiotherapy services to hundreds of thousands of patients. During this time he spent two years working as the team Chiropractor for the University of Mary Washington treating hundreds of athletes in the athletic training department as well as working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as the sideline doctor for the University Rugby team. Dr. Erle also spent several years working as the team doctor for the Virginia Mutiny semi-pro football team.
In the military, Dr. Erle spent 8-years serving in the US Navy for NAVSPECWAR in the intelligence community. Dr. Erle also operated as a Corpsman for NAVSPECWAR youth and other training programs. He was also a member of the US Army 20th Special Forces Training Platoon before an injury ended his military career. As the prior Training and Medical Director of a civilian Navy SEAL Program for 8 years, Dr. Erle trained thousands of recruits for Special Operations Command schools. Dr. Erle has also co co-authored 2 Navy SEAL workout books with Lt Stew Smith (USN SEAL, ret).

Currently, Dr. Erle is the CEO of the National Neuropathy Center. A medical specialty clinic that works with patients to identify the cause and cure of chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy.

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